Practice Your 50-Yard Wedge Swing to Improve Your Driver

If you want the best shortcut to improvement in your driving distance AND accuracy…

Hit More 50-yard Wedges!


Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?


But if you give that idea some thought, it implies a profound question. If you cannot control the clubface, sweet spot path, centeredness of contact, trajectory control, spin control and distance control on a 50-yard shot…how will practicing a much longer and much faster golf driver swing help you?


The fact is that as you add speed, how you are moving and what you are feeling move further apart and that makes it just about impossible to accurately feel what is going on. So the odds are against you that you will improve at all, if ever.


So, if you want the fastest track to hitting every club better, follow this drill/exercise and learn how to improve your golf swing and hit your driver like a pro.


Address the ball and “rehearse” exactly where you would like to be positioned at the Moment of Truth IMPACT!


Move, slide, rotate, shift and bend every part of your body and every part of the club to the precise zone you need to be located in when the club contacts the ball.


Bingo!There you have it! Clearly presented, right in front of you, the exact location and the exact FEEL of where every component needs to be at the most important microsecond in the swing. Just follow the step-by-step instructional video so that you can put yourself into the precise position for impact.


From there, NOT  FROM ADDRESS… make a long enough swing with your favorite wedge to hit the ball 50 yards. Your first goal is improvement in compression of the golf ball. Then repeat. Then repeat. Then repeat again.


As consistency in your compression builds you can then make half or three-quarter length golf swings, maybe hitting the ball 100 yards with a longer club…but now, with a higher level of trajectory control and compression. As soon as your compression decreases, go back to the 50-yard golf wedge swing and build in length and speed as your compression improves.


Am I suggesting that you should never practice at full speed? Of course not…but only after you have an improved level of excellence with a shorter, slower 50-yard golf wedge swing.


There is no “secret” to hitting the ball with a high level of certainty. But if there was…it would be your ability to reproduce precise impact alignments. Even better, there is no point of diminishing returns. How would it be possible that you could have too much precision at impact? Precise impact alignments are Golf’s Gift that keeps on giving.


So, if you want to control your game…gain control of the flight of the ball. If you want to control the flight of the ball…control your impact alignments. If you want more consistent impact alignments…hit more 50-yard wedges.


If you need training related to where you need to be at impact, our T.G.I.F. (Terravita Golf Instruction and Fitness) team is here to support you. We would love to show you this fantastic exercise. It is one of our most crucial components in our instruction program. And as always, contact us if you are interested in joining our private golf and country club.