Top 5 Ways to Enjoy Summer Golf

As summer is now upon us, we play the wonderful game of golf in Arizona in some pretty high temperatures. It really is true – it is a dry heat and that does make golfing in Arizona much more enjoyable than places with higher humidity. The secret to a more enjoyable round of golf and good scores is easy. Some of the best things you can do to have a successful round is to properly prepare for the high temperature conditions before you play. Here are 5 golf tips to help you enjoy your next round!


  1. Hydrate! This includes being well hydrated before you play or practice. Drink plenty of water and know more trips to the restroom are a good thing. Most studies will tell you to drink water versus some of the popular sports drinks as they are high in sugar. A children’s Pedialyte drink is a good choice as well. Even if you think you’re drinking enough water – you probably need to drink more!
  2. Pack a Snack! Eat smaller more frequent snacks that are light and not heavy. Avoid a large heavy meal before you play. Protein bars, fruit, and nuts are great ways to keep your body fueled and help your brain stay sharp. Opt for fruit and nut trail mixes (without chocolate which makes a melted mess), or dried fruit like apple chips and a handful of almonds.
  3. Think Shade and Sun Protection! Play golf courses with lots of mature trees. Park the golf cart under a tree near the tee box or out on the fairway while you’re waiting for others in your group to hit their balls. Stay in the shade as much as possible, it will not only help keep you cool but it will also help protect your skin. Don’t forget a wide brim hat to provide protection from the direct sun. Wear fabrics that are “performance” type that wick away moisture, provide UPF protection, and provide the best cooling effects. Sun sleeves for your arms are very good for sun protection and keeping you cool.
  4. Any Tee Time is a Good Tee Time! The early risers will tell you that you should get out on the course by 6:30 am. Others may suggest you wait until mid-morning – after the course has had a chance to dry out and the humidity levels drop and a breeze is likely to help keep you cool. Or, if you like a bargain – or prefer having your own (practically) private golf course – some will tell you that golfing in the afternoon is the ultimate golfing experience. Regardless, any tee time is a great time!
  5. Finally, take breaks in your practice and be aware of what your body is telling you. Your body will be better able to regulate, and allow you the game’s enjoyment, in these higher temps if you take care of it. Plan a little extra time for these breaks as well when coordinating your next tee time.

Scottsdale, Arizona is known as a mecca for golf – and for good reason – you can enjoy year-round golf at premium golf courses here. North Scottsdale is the ultimate place to take advantage of year-round golf; surrounded by the lush, green Sonoran Desert (yes, it really is very green here year-round!). It is also 5-10 degrees cooler than Downtown Scottsdale or Phoenix in the summer, making every day a great day to golf! Contact us to learn more about how you can live right on the golf course and take advantage of perfect golfing conditions all year.