Home Renovations for Every Budget

At some point, most homeowners will decide that something in their home needs a refresh. Whether you’re looking to do a full home renovation, refresh one area of your home, or do a smaller upgrade, there are a lot of home remodeling ideas to choose from. And regardless of if you’re planning on a complete remodel or a minor touch-up of your kitchen, bathroom, or backyard, it’s always a good idea to get organized.

Prioritize Your Projects and Plan

Walk through your house and make notes of the areas of your home you are considering updating. What don’t you like? How much time, money, and effort will go into fixing it? Is it a priority right now, or are there other things that you’d like to fix up first? Doing this can help you address potentially larger or more urgent issues you might not have considered. If you’re doing a complete interior remodel of your house, taking this kind of inventory will allow you to know where to start.

Do major repairs/upgrades first, so you can address minor issues later. Are you re-carpeting your home? If so, this can be a good opportunity to consider other updates to flooring as well, and then you can move onto smaller projects like repairing your deck or updating furniture in the living room later.

Consider Your Budget

Once you’ve nailed down your plan, you can decide which projects you’d like to tackle on your own, and which, if any, renovations you’ll want to use a contractor for. Projects take time, so it is important to do your research before you start knocking down walls.

We recommend basing the potential cost of your home renovation on the market value of your home. For example, if you’re debating a full kitchen remodel, then you’ll want to take into account that kitchens should cost about 10-15% of the price of your home. That said, even for lower budget projects like a bathroom remodel, it’s essential to build in at least a 20 percent cost cushion, because renovations never go according to plan, and things can add up quick.

Adding a Personal Touch to Your Home

Just looking for a few simple things to make a new home look like your own? Simply adding new light fixtures and painting the walls a different color in your living room to fit your style can make a world of difference. Easy home upgrades like a fresh coat of paint or a bold pop of color can dramatically transform any room into your own.

If you want to take your remodel plans to the backyard, there are a variety of home projects you can do to transform your outdoor area into your own personal resort. At any Terravita home, you have the option to update not only the inside of your home but the outside as well; remember to check with your HOA before undertaking any exterior modifications. Living in Arizona allows you to have the option to add a pool, a miniature putting green, and comfortable outdoor dining areas that you can enjoy year-round.

If home projects sound intimidating, another option is to seek out an already renovated home. Doing this will not only save time and effort but will offer a beautifully updated home with new fixtures and appliances. Tackling a home renovation at any level big or small is intimidating, but by taking the time to prioritize your projects will help you get organized and finish the project on time and within your budget.