An Exclusive Look Into a “Top 100 Best Places to Live” Community in Scottsdale, AZ

You’ve no doubt heard that Scottsdale, Arizona is one of the Top 100 best places to live and work. And finding the best places to live in Scottsdale is a real treat!  Whether you’re looking for a place to raise a family, a golf community, or an active lifestyle community, there are several differentiators with each community differing- often drastically – from one another. Before you make a decision on the best places to live in Scottsdale AZ, take some time to discover the benefits of living in Arizona and the unique communities it has to offer.

Here’s an exclusive glimpse into how we define community living at Terravita, and what sets our lifestyle apart, and ahead, from other communities.

Living among Friends

We call our way of life community living for a reason. Not only are our homes and facilities intentionally designed to foster relationships and nurture connection between residents, but we have also created a neighborhood full of vibrant and like-minded individuals. To accompany this lifestyle we remodeled our community center and clubhouse, which was unveiled in January 2019 and has quickly become the central core of our golf community.

At Terravita, we also emphasize family and group activities. If you want to develop a skill or try a new hobby, we have plentiful opportunities to do so in the company of friends. So whether you become a regular at our art studio, or gather a group of neighbors for a weekly bocce ball tournament, you can’t go wrong socializing and having fun in a community living setting.

Enjoy the Finer Things of Life

Our residents also love the premium we place on quality, throughout every corner of our community. We keep all our roads in tip-top shape with regular paving and frequently update our golf course with improvements. We also ensured our new community center and clubhouse is first-class, with state-of-the-art equipment and amenities. Terravita members enjoy all the best in health and wellness, including classes in Pilates, Tai chi, water aerobics, yoga, cardio, strength training, and beyond.

We Don’t Do Fine Print

Another one of the best features of our community living model is the financial aspect. We manage money and have stable dues (with no assessments), which is unlike many other active communities. Beware of any community that assesses you for financial viability, or makes you jump through other hoops and/or sign off on other fine print in order to join. We keep things straightforward, and top-notch, for your benefit.

As you’re looking around at living in Scottsdale AZ, we encourage you to consider the benefits of living in a luxury private golf community. At Terravita we strive to provide something for everyone at every age. We’d love to take you on a tour and answer any questions you have. Please contact us any time.