The Best Ways to Experience Art in Scottsdale

Our residents often rave about our location for many reasons, one of which is our proximity to beautiful art. Experiencing different types of art, and art-based activities, is a great way to feel connected to nature, as well as other people, cultures, and perspectives. It can provide a great escape, or your next inspiration.

Whatever you’re seeking emotionally or visually, you can probably find it in nearby Scottsdale art galleries or Cave Creek art galleries. Here are some of our favorite places to enjoy Scottsdale arts and beyond.

Scottsdale’s Museum of the West

While many people are aware of the Scottsdale Art Walk, where Main Street opens up every Thursday night year-round to display local artists’ work, fewer people know about this hidden gem. Scottsdale’s Museum of the West showcases the best of Western and Native American art, artifacts, and culture. Scottsdale residents gain free entry November-April on Thursdays.

Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art

SMoCA is a delight to tourists and residents alike. Dedicated to contemporary art, architecture, and design, SMoCA rotates its exhibits regularly and also offers many fun and educational events for guests. The Scottsdale Center for the Arts is also nearby, which presents a wide range of arts performances.

Sonoran Arts League

If you’re an artist yourself, or interested in becoming one, you might want to look into this nonprofit organization. The league is a volunteer-based, arts service organization dedicated to actively advancing art, artists, and art education. Members put on shows and hold galleries for the public, and also teach art education in a variety of disciplines. Free classes for veterans and multiple events per day make this a fun way to explore creativity.

Blue Coyote Gallery

This gallery may be tucked away in Cave Creek, but it’s known for world-class art. Specifically focused on regional contemporary and early Twentieth Century fine art, Blue Coyote also offers Native American art and even custom furniture. It’s a must-see for art enthusiasts.

Heard Museum

If you’ve lived in Arizona for any period of time, you’re likely familiar with the Heard Museum. This staple of our state is dedicated to the advancement of American Indian art, often sharing stories of American Indian people from a first-person perspective. The Heard Museum is located in Phoenix, and definitely worth the drive.

Sergio Ladron de Guevara

Art lovers will be mesmerized by the gallery of Sergio Ladrón de Guevara. The gallery has gone through many evolutions, from just focusing on Sergio’s work to include the work of other artists, back to displaying Sergio’s work alone. But in each iteration, the local gallery has been one to watch.

The Signature Gallery

This art gallery also has sister locations in New Mexico and California. The Scottsdale location features original paintings in both acrylic and oil, as well as bronze, wood, and glass sculptures. From acclaimed artists to local sensations, this gallery has it all.

Famous LOVE Sign

Finally, have you taken the time to see the LOVE sculpture near the Scottsdale Civic Center Library and City Hall? This sculpture was a symbol for peace in the midst of the Vietnam War, created by the late Robert Indiana. Check it out, and be sure to take some pictures with this famous gem.

Art can take a variety of forms, and can be displayed nearly anywhere. We’re lucky that there are so many Scottsdale art galleries and Cave Creek art galleries that can bring us joy and awaken our creative souls. To learn more about our community, please contact us.

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